Add New Local Gift Card

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The restaurant can sell gift card on each business date on the gift card page by clicking “GIFT CARD” button. The restaurant can sell new gift card, reload gift card, return gift card, and check gift card balance. The application supports selling multiple gift cards on one time sale as well as reloading multiple gift cards. This gift card can only use in the restaurant that issues the gift card. It cannot use in restaurant that has multiple branches.

If the restaurant owner wants to apply gift card for multiple locations, please contact the dealer for online gift card integration information.

Gift Card Button

add new gift card

To sell new gift card, follows below steps:

1. Swipe gift card or enter gift card number manually on Gift Card Number text box.

2. Enter gift card amount on Face Amount text box.

3. [OPTIONAL] Click “Discount” button to enter the discount.

4. Enter expired date if any, on Expire Date text box by clicking the calendar icon.

gift card select expire date

select other monthselect year

5. Enter recipient name if any on Recipient Name text box.

6. Enter giver name if any on Giver Name text box.

7. Click “ADD” button if you want to sell more gift card on the same sale transaction.

8. Click “PAY” button if you want to make payment on selling gift card(s).

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