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4Soft POS v. 4.2.3 Release Updates

Updated March 20, 2024
Loyalty Program Integration

Attract new customers and keep them returning with Factor 4 loyalty program integration that enhances the dining and rewarding experience for all restaurant guests.

Introduced: Filter Pickup & Delivery Order by Vendors

4Soft POS provides a feature that facilitates users to display orders from selected vendor using Filter by Vendor button. This feature will be available on Pickup and Delivery order type.

4Soft POS v. 4.2.2 Release Updates

Updated November 14, 2023
New Split Check

A significant improvement Split Check feature that allow user to effortlessly manage split-check within the same check number. 4Soft POS offers valuable options as following;

Introduced: Item Description

4Soft POS provides feature that enables users to access item descriptions by simply clicking on the item. These descriptions can include brief summaries, detailed food ingredients, recipes, and other relevant information.

Introduced: Order At The Table (OATT) version 2.0 

Now supports these new features.

4Soft POS v. 4.2.1 Release Updates

Updated July 26, 2023
Improvement: Send Menu Functionality for 4Soft + Otter 3rd Party Online Ordering Integration

Now 4Soft POS is supporting the new Otter’s Self Serving Menu Management feature that allows the restaurant to self manage the online ordering menu from Otter’s dashboard.

4Soft - Otter Online Integration
Kitchen Receipt - Group Item by Seat Number

Provides an option to display ordered menu items grouped by seat number on the kitchen receipt.

4Soft POS v. 4.2.0 Release Updates

Updated April 5, 2023
Introduce: 4Soft POS + Deliverect 3rd Party Online Ordering Integration

The integration with Deliverect offers the solution to consolidate 3rd party online orders to POS.

Introduce: Tip on Media Display

Restaurant customers can choose preset tips and sign a signature on the Media Display screen when making payments.

4Soft POS v. 4.1.27 Release Updates

Updated December 27, 2022
Introduce: Blizzfull Cloud Sync Integration

A new upgrade to streamline the integration for Blizzfull online ordering. Now you are able to simply manage the menu of online ordering right from 4Soft POS.

A new upgrade to streamline the integration for Blizzfull online ordering. Now you are able to simply manage the menu of online ordering right from 4Soft POS.

Introduce: Creating a new order on an occupied table
  • When enabling this feature, User can create a new order on an occupied table without needing to close the existing order.
Introduce: Tip Checkbox on Credit Card Receipt
  • When enabling this feature, the Restaurant can print credit card receipts that show a tip suggestion checkbox with the calculated tip amount and total.

4Soft POS v. 4.1.26 Release Updates

Updated September 9, 2022
Introduce: Order At The Table

The handheld POS system on the Clover Flex device that seamlessly cooperates with 4Soft POS stations.

Streamline Dine In ordering and EMV, Contactless payments. 

Improved Order Entry

4Soft POS v. 4.1.25 Release Updates

Updated July 12, 2022
Introduce: Extra Charges Feature

Sometimes, a restaurant has to apply various extra charges as deemed necessary. This feature allows you to create and add the extra charges to an order.

4Soft POS is now support Extra Charge for Blizzfull Integration

You can enable the extra charges in Blizzfull. The extra charges from Blizzfull’s order will be shown in 4Soft POS order, receipt and report too.

Introduce: Option to get Blizzfull order after the order is confirmed

When enabled this feature, the restaurant POS will receive only Confirmed Orders from Blizzfull’s order tablet.

4Soft POS v. 4.1.24 Release Updates

Updated April 12, 2022
Introduce: Kitchen Coordication

This feature can be used when printing to multiple kitchen printers to let a kitchen staff at one prep station (printer) know what other items are sent and/or being made on other prep stations.

4Soft is now support Credit Card Surcharge
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4Soft POS v. 4.1.23 Release Updates

Updated Feb 2, 2022
Introduce: On Hand Quantity Countdown

Manage and display menu item On Hand Quantities on all POS stations.

4Soft POS v. 4.1.22 Release Updates

Updated Dec 20, 2021
Introduce: Spoonity Loyalty Reward Program Integration Feature

Acquire new customers and retain current customers by promoting a loyalty reward program. Customize earning and redemption reward rules to increase customer spending and visit frequency.

4Soft POS v. 4.1.21 Release Updates

Updated Oct 27, 2021
Introduce: 4Soft POS + Otter 3rd Party Online Order Integration

All orders from online third-party platforms such as Uber Eats, Doordash, Postmates, etc is automatically & seamlessly sent right through 4Soft POS

KDS (Kitchen Display System) is now supporting Bump Bar

Require KDS version 1.2 or onward
Kitchen Display Bump Bar benefits;

4Soft POS v. 4.1.20 Release Updates

Updated June 15, 2021
Introduce: Contactless QR Code Dining feature.

Turn tables faster and increase servers productivity, while making customers’ dining experience safer.

4Soft POS and Intelli-PATT (Pay at The Table with Clover Flex integration)
is now support split payment.

Servers can use pay options on PATT app to pay in full or split pay via Clover Flex.

New PATT app version 1.4 includes:

4Soft POS v. 4.1.17 Release Updates

Updated March 2, 2021
4Soft POS and Intelli-PATT
(Pay at The Table with Clover Flex integration)
is now support server banking

When restaurant enabled server bank, servers can use PATT app to view and pay check via Clover Flex.

New PATT app version 1.3 includes:

4Soft POS v. 4.1.16 Release Updates

Updated January 19, 2021
Introduce: Blizzfull Online Order Integration

Now we offer another integration with a full featured online ordering and marketing system from our partner Blizzfull. With the direct integration, the order from online is automatically & seamlessly sent right through 4Soft POS.

Blizzfull Online Order Integration

4Soft POS v. 4.1.15 Release Updates

Updated November 23, 2020
Introduce: Kitchen Display System (KDS)

A digital order viewing screen for kitchen that replaces paper tickets and kitchen printers to minimize paper waste, steamline kitchen communication, and reduce human error.

Introduce: Employee Tip Sharing

To set up tip share calculating and printing on Cashier/ Server/ Driver bank reports to support in a restaurant practice that tipped employee sharing a portion of their tips to support staffs.

Introduce: Credit Card Transactions History Feature

4Soft POS v. 4.1.13 Release Updates

Updated July 20, 2020
Introduce: Online Gift Card Integration.
Introduce: New Cloud Report with Summary Dashboard
Introduce: Gratuity prompt and Signature capture on PAX terminal screen option.
Elapsed Time on Dine-In Table
Elapsed Time on Dine-In Table
Online Order Menu Item Price per Vendor

Set up menu item price for each Online Order vendor. Support up to 16 different vendors

Two-Steps Credit Card Closing

When enable this feature, the order check is still open after pay with credit card so the server can continue to adjust the gratuity right away before closing the check.

4Soft POS v. 4.1.12 Release Updates

Updated May 6, 2020
Introduce New Front-end User Interface.
Introduce Security setting for Back Office
Force modify screen
Introduce Open View Forced Choice screen feature:
Weight Scale
Weight item
Introduce Weight Scale Integration: