Bar Tab Order Type

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On order type main page, you will see “Bar Tab” tab or other name you set to this order type through attribute named “Alias Name” on Back Office. When click Bar Tab tab, you will see opened order list showing on. A Bar Tab provided pre authorize credit cards and manage bar tabs specifically.

bar Tab

There are three types of Bar Tab that you can enable or disable on Back Office.

1. TAB: User can enter Tab name for reference by swipe MSR card or enter manually from
on-screen keyboard when creating a new tab. After Done created the order, a tab info receipt
will be printing out if setting.

2. PREAUTH TAB: User can pre-authorize credit cards according to desired amount by setup a fix pre-authorize amount or open amount on Back Office. After Done created the order, a tab info receipt will be printing out if setting.

Remark: A pre-authorization places a hold on a customer’s credit card for a specified amount. This guarantees a restaurant access to their credit limit for the specified amount.

3. FAST BAR: User can create a new tab without Tab name. When finish operating a prior Fast Bar
order either by Done order or Finish payment, the application will clean up order page to serve
new Fast Bar order instead of exiting from order page.

Remark: The application does not allow to create a duplicate Tab Name, Tab Name is a combination of customer name and last four digits of credit card.

There is “My Order” button at the bottom on right pane. When click this button, it will show only the opened order items you possess. When click it again, it will show all opened ordered items

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