Dine In – Table layout definition

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Order Entry

To create order, follow steps below:

1. Enable/ Disable Table Layout feature
1.1. Enable Table Layout
❖ Click available table, click “Open Order” button.

Figure - Table Color meaning
Figure – Table Color meaning

1.2. Disable Table Layout
❖ Click “NEW” button.

2. Enable/ Disable Number of Guest feature
2.1.Enable Number of Guest
❖ Numpad for enter no. of guest will show up after step#1.1 or step#1.2.
❖ Enter no. of guest, click “DONE” button. The order page will open.
2.2.Disable Number of Guest
❖ The order page will open after step#1.1 or step#1.2.

To edit order, follow steps below:

1. Enable/Disable Table Layout feature
1.1 Enable Table Layout
❖ Click occupied table, orders of selected table will show up on right pane.
❖ Click “Open Order” button, the order page will open.
1.2 Disable Table Layout
❖ Click desired order, click “EDIT” button, the order page will open.

Figure - Order page screen
Figure – Order page screen
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