Earn Points/Rewards in Loyalty Program

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**Note: Customers must be enrolled to the Loyalty Program first**

Please refer the video link below on how to enroll a customer on the loyalty enrollment app (currently not possible to enroll through POS app)

How to Enroll a Customer on the Loyalty Enrollment App

1. Select the order that the customer wants to earn loyalty points, then click PAY

2. Click Loyalty, then the separate window for sign in will be displayed

3. Enter the customer’s phone number, then click DONE (the phone number must be registered prior to the sign in)

4. The loyalty account information will be display, if it is a correct account then click CLOSE or click SIGN OUT to sign in with a different account (only one account can be signed in at a time)

5. The signed in account will receive points upon closing the order, and the summary of current points/rewards will be displayed (the points will be converted to rewards automatically when conditions are met)

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