How to Re-print Credit Card Transaction Receipt from the past date

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The restaurant owner can re-print a hard copy of the credit card receipt from the previous day for references. Follow the steps below to learn how to print credit card receipt history.

1. log in to 4Soft Front house Click “More


3. If you want to print a recent credit card receipt, select the transaction row, and click the “Re-Print credit card” button. If you want to re-print a credit card receipt from the previous date Click at “Search Transaction History” button.

4. fill in search criteria such as date range, check number, or Credit Card last 4 digit number.

5. After filled the criteria, click the “SHOW TRANSACTION” button.

6. Select the credit card transaction that you want to re-print. Make sure to check the check box in the first column.

7. Click the “RE-PRINT CREDIT CARD” button to print out the credit card receipt.

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