Item Discount Feature

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This button is to give discount to ordered item as well as remove discount from item. To give item discount or remove item discount, follow below steps:

Click “Misc” button, miscellaneous page will open

Miscellaneous menu

1. Click “Item Discount” button, Item Discount window will open showing the available discounts on right pane as well as showing ordered items on left pane.

Item discount button

2. Click desired item then click desired “Discount” button, the given discount will be adding at the bottom of item. If desired discount is an open discount, the numpad dialog box will show up with “Percent” button and “Amount” button, you can enter discount by percentage or amount.

select item to discount

3. Click “Remove Discount” button to remove existing discount of desired item.

4. Click “DONE” button on Item Discount window when you finish manipulating discount. If feature Enforce input reason for discount is enabled, Discount Reason window will show up.

5. On order page, if item has discount, the given discount will be adding or updating corresponded with change at the bottom of item.

discount display

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