Kitchen Display System Order Type

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Order Type in KDS

Order Type indicates what kind of order from customers. KDS displays these order types in a color-coded badge with optional information such as guest number, online delivery vendor name. 

There are 6 Order type displays in KDS as following;

Dine-In is one of the most frequent order types in KDS. The person icon with a number indicates the number of guests in this order. This example shows 6 guests in this order. If the server doesn’t input a guest number, the badge will display only Dine In

To Go order type appears when customer order for take-out or wrap some food from Dine-In in the container for taking out. This order type displays a customer name on the right side of the order ticket.

Pick Up order type appears when customers call in or order the food via an online platform. If a customer orders from an online platform (ex. Uber Eats, Doordash, Grub hub), the online vendor name will show on the badge. If a customer calls in to order, the badge will not display the vendor’s name.

This order type always shows the Online Order Platform’s name, where the customer sent the order to the restaurant. 

This order type is for a restaurant that has a full bar with dining or full bar service only.

In case there is an unmatched order type from POS, some orders in KDS may display as “Others”. When this happened, the kitchen staff needs to confirm the order type with the server. To fix this problem, the server has to identify the pattern of displaying the “Others” order type. Then call POS support for further assistant. 

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