One-Time Payment

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To make one-time payment, follows below steps:

1. Click “Gratuity” button if employee wants to add manual gratuity to order.


2. Enter gratuity amount on popped up numpad, click “DONE” button.

Add gratuity

3. The gratuity amount will be updated on payment page.

4. Click desired payment method.

  • If selecting ‘Cash’, a tender amount numpad will pop up. An employee can click quick
    amount on right pane or enter desired amount on left pane then click “DONE” button.
  • If selecting other payment method, App will automatically set tender amount equal to

5. The payment page will close. The payment summary dialog box will show up. The receipt will be printing automatically according to number of copies setting at Back Office. The dialog box will close automatically at the interval time, an employee can click “DONE” button to close it

Cash payment

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