Order Payment

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In order to start operating order payment on each shift, the restaurant has to start bank associated with each order type.

Order Payment will be operating on payment page. The authorized employee can access on payment page from three entries, the first entry is on order type page by selecting desired order and clicking “PAY” button; the second entry is on order page by clicking “PAY” button; the third entry is for Delivery order when enabling Dispatcher feature, on Delivery page, click “SETTLE” button, select desired dispatched order then click “PAY” button.

Pay Button


Payment method

There are two approaches for making payment on each order, the first one is one-time payment, and the second one is split payments. Customers can make payment from the following methods:

1) Cash

2) Credit Card

3) Credit Card Offline

4) Gift Card

5) Online Payment – this method is for online order only that customers have made payment via

6) Redeem Deposit – this method will be available when making payment a future order. User can redeem a deposit against the future order received a deposit.

7) Eight customized payment – the restaurant can use the customized payment method to create a virtual payment in order to group payment records based on design. Also provided ‘Enter
Reference’ option when making payment.

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