Order Recall

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The restaurant can look for orders on each business date on the order recall page by clicking “ORDER RECALL” button. On Order Recall page, select business date:

Order Recall button

If “SHOW ALL” button is shown as clicked, all orders on selected business date will be showing. The closed and voided orders will be highlighted in pink color.

If “SHOW ALL” button is shown as unclicked, only the open ordered will be showing.

The restaurant can set at BackOffice to order check# ascending or descending on this page.

Order Recall page

The restaurant can re-open closed order on current business date if the associated bank of that order is opening. To re-open order, follow below steps:

1. Click desired closed order on the list.

2. Click “Re-Open Order” button.

3. The message box asking to confirm reopen will show up.

3.1. Click “YES” to confirm reopen order.

3.2. Click “No” to cancel reopen order.

Reopen Order Confirmation

Additional Order Functions for Gloria Integration Online Order

Since the Gloria integration online orders are not allowed to edit, only following order functions are allowed to operate on this page: Void Order, Resend to Kitchen, Server Transfer.

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