Pick Up Order Type

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On order type main page, you will see “Pick Up” tab or other name you set to this order type through attribute named “Alias Name” on Back Office. When click Pick Up tab, you will see opened order list showing on.

There is “My Order” button at the bottom on right pane. When click this button, it will show only the opened order items you possess. When click it again, it will show all opened ordered items.

Usually the restaurant will receive Pick Up order from a customer call. Some restaurant also receives the order from internet. In order to tracking orders and operating revenue efficiently, the restaurant can enable “Online order for Pick Up” feature by setting at Back Office. When “Online order for Pick Up” is enabled, you will see “NEW ONLINE ORDER” button on “Pick Up” tab. The restaurant can set up on Back Office to require entering customer phone number or allow to bypass.

Pick Up Order Type

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