Redeem Loyalty Points

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1. Select the order that the customer wants to redeem reward, then click PAY

2. Click Loyalty, then enter the customer’s phone number on the separate window and click DONE

3. On the loyalty account information window, click REDEEM to use available reward (1.00 reward = $1.00)

**Note: To redeem for a specific amount, please create a manual split payment with the desired amount first**

4. If the redeem reward amount does not cover the entire balance, click Yes to continue to redeem or click No to cancel the reward redeem

5. The redeemed reward will show as a tendered payment, if redeemed reward does not cover the entire balance, click CLOSE to close the loyalty account widow and continue with payments as needed to close the order

**Note: SIGN OUT and then sign in with another account is not allowed unless the redeemed reward is removed by Remove Payment**

6. Upon closing the order, the loyalty account will receive points up to Sub Total РDiscount РRedeemed reward (Tip, extra charge, service charge, and tax will not be included for earning loyalty points)

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