Spoonity Loyalty – How to Apply Discount Reward in POS

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Make sure that Spoonity Loyalty program is activated and set up item/order discount reward in both Spoonity Dashboard and POS back office.

1. Open Order

2. Click Loyalty button. The popup will display and ask to Register new customer or Sign in for returning customers.

3. Enter a customer’s email address, loyalty card number or customer’s phone number then click Submit button.

4. The app will display an availability reward list as shown below. 

There are 3 types of Apply Reward Button

Insufficient point to redeem this reward OR The reward is not set up in POS Back Office yet.

The redeeming point is sufficient to apply BUT the item hasn’t been added to the order yet.

The reward is ready to add to the order.

5. For applying Item discount reward.

5.1 Add item to the order. If not add the item first, the app will not allow to apply reward.

5.2 Click Loyalty button

5.3 Select  the Reward Item to apply to the order.

5.4 the item popup will appear to select which item to apply the reward.

5.5 Click Done to finish.


The applied reward will display in reward applied list. Click X to remove the applied reward item.


6. For applying Order discount reward.

6.1 Click Loyalty button

6.2 Select the Order Discount Reward to apply to the order.

6.3 Click Done to finish.

*** NOTE *** Order Discount Reward can be applied only once. The app will not allow to add multiple order discount rewards. But Item Discount Reward and Order Discount Reward can be applied at the same order.

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