Spoonity Loyalty Program – Add Spending Rule: Item discount reward

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Create New Spending Rule

The restaurant owner can create 2 kinds of rewards which are

  • Item discount reward: Restaurant’s customers can use reward points to redeem menu item with custom discounts determine in the POS.
  • Order Discount reward: Restaurant’s customers can use reward points to redeem a dollar(cash) discount from the order. Click here to view how to create an Order Discount reward.
How to create Item discount reward

1. Log-in to Spoonity Dashboard

2. Click Setup on the left menu bar.

3. Click Loyalty program

4. Click the “+” icon on the top right corner. Select Add Spending Rule.

5. Select Item-Based Reward option.

6. Input Reward name, Cost in points (number of points that restaurant’s customers use for item discount or free item), and Currency. Click here to learn more about Currency.

7. Enter the description of this reward for your customers.

8. Restaurant owner can set cost of rewards for each Tier. For example.
– Bronze Tier customers use 100 points to get free coffee.
– Silver Tier customers use 70 points to get free coffee.
– Gold Tier customers use 50 points to get free coffee.

9. Add new reward menu catalog by clicking at + button as show below.

10. The popup will appear.

10.1 Enter catalog name for example: free coffee

10.2 Enter identifier. 


MUST ADD “discount_” before an identifier. Otherwise, the redeem reward WILL NOT WORK

For example, the identifier is “free_coffee”

in the identifier field, you MUST add discount_ in front of “free_coffee”. The correct input is “discount_free_coffee” as shown in the image below.

11. Click Save to close the popup.

12. Select the new reward catalog that was recently added.

13 [Optional] Restaurant owners can set the effective date range of this reward.

14. Click Save to finish reward setting in Spoonity Dashboard.

Setup the reward in POS Backoffice.

15. Log in to 4Soft BackOffice and navigate to Integration -> Spoonity Loyalty

16. Click New button.

17.  Enter Reward name (recommend to be the same with Spoonity to prevent confusion)

18. Make sure to check at Is Active.


For example,

In the spoonity Dashboard:
Reward Name: Free Coffee
Identifier: discount_free_coffee

In 4Soft BackOffice -> Spoonity Loyalty setting MUST be
Reward Name: Free Coffee
Identifier: free_coffee

MUST REMOVE “discount_” IN 4soft BackOffice setting. 

The example shown in the image below;

20. select discount for the reward item. For example, the free item should select a percentage with a “100” value.

21. Apply to: select Item.

22. If you want to apply this reward to all item in the menu, then select All Items.

23. If you want to apply this reward to a specific item in the menu, then select Selected Item and click the Select Item button.

24. check at the item that applied to the reward then click >> button to add in the applied list

25. Click Done to close the popup.

26. Click Save to save the reward settings.

The reward is ready to use. Click here to view how to apply the item discount rewards to the order.

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