POS Diagnostic Tool Release Note: Version
  1. Fixed issue: The app displays an error “One or more errors occurred”
    Cause of Error: There are credit card transactions in the POS that did not close batch. When starting the program, it will load all checks related to the credit card transactions. The old CC transactions will cause POS unable to handle the check information. As the result, the app stops working and displays the error.
  2. Fixed issue:
    1. Get this error message after clicking the PAY button: “Cannot connect to DB so the changes are discarded.”
    2. It takes too long to login to the back office and sometimes the app does not respond.
      It may happen to the restaurant using the Bar tab Preauth feature.
      Cause of Error: There are invalid records of voided preauth (from auto-void preauth transaction when app detects duplication of the open tab from the same CC) that are pending for a long period.